Favorite-Games 5.22

Play a wide number of card games against Internet or local players

Play games like Belote, Bridge, Schnapsen, Sergeant Major, Ludo, Monopoly, Poker Texas Hold'em, Backgammon and others against Internet or local players.

Favorite-Games 5.09 is an Online Casino game in which you can play 11 different games.
This games are Belote, Schnapsen (66), OKEY, Ludo, Bridge Rubber, Duplicate Bridge, Sergeant Major (3-5-8), Backgammon, Backgammon - Tapa, Backgammon - Gul bara and Dominoes. They can be played against the computer, and via Internet against real opponents.

The program can be installed in 16 different languages, and runs in 24 different languages.

You can register online for free. Then, you´ll be able to play against any player online, or against the computer. You can use the chat window to communicate with the other players.

When you enter a room, you can choose to join an existing game or create one. If you choose to create one, you can start playing against the computer and then allow (or not) the computer to be replaced by a human online player.

You can change some options to feel more comfortable with the game, like player names, speed, tiles, cards, screen and sound. You will be able to access some information about the game, like instructions to play it.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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